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Folks like to call me the author of “medical hope opera”-- I couldn’t be more pleased. Long (and colorful) years as an ER nurse convinced me that love, laughter and faith are the very best medicines. And that’s exactly what I offer in my Mercy Hospital and Grace Medical series: unforgettable characters, adrenalin-infused action, humor, heartwarming romance, and an encouraging message of hope. In these challenging times, just what the doctor ordered. So grab a cup of cyber-coffee and take your time browsing: read my bio (nurse to trauma victim to inspirational author) and check out the free first chapters, reviews and extras.

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In honor of my dear husband's birthday, I'm going to repeat this post. And the dish-- I'll be making it for him tonight. Here we go, friends: *** I see that confusion on your face. You're thinking, "What does shampoo have to do with ice cream and peaches?  Yes, I do enjoy teasing you. We'll get to the shampoo and ice cream. But first, let's start with the peaches. A yummy recipe for... read more

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“ . . . medical scenes that ring with authenticity and drama, while giving us a glimpse into the lives and hearts of the people behind the stethoscope . . .”
--Richard L. Mabry, MD, the Prescription for Trouble series
“ . . . adrenaline high, ripped from today’s headlines, with enough romantic tension to spike your pulse.”
--Julie Lessman, award winning author of the Daughters of Boston series
“ . . . an infusion of hope . . . read it and repeat dosage as necessary!”
--Mocha with Linda reviews

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